Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catch Sandara Park

The former star circle quest winner Sandara Park unexpectedly arrived in Manila for a vacation of six days. As what everybody knows, Sandara left the Philippines last year and pursue a career in Korea.
The young actress was so nervous about flying on her own that she didn’t eat much during the flight. Her instant request upon arrival was to eat sinigang and sisig, her favorite Filipino dishes. Even though she was tired, she was very excited to see showbiz and non-showbiz friends alike. And hopefully she gets to see them all before she leaves for Seoul again on the 12th.

Sandara has been training intensively in singing, dancing, and acting for her Korean showbiz debut. She has already been seen as a star for a music video opposite one of Korea’s popular teen idols. She was rumored to be part of a girl group, said to be the counterpart of YG’s biggest boy band, Big Bang. However, all Sandara could say is that she’s waiting patiently for that big break to happen.

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