Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Access to Entertainment

Nowadays, there are different operating system used in a computer. Computer has great benefits especially to the entertainment world. Everyone now can access new events, television shows, movies, games and other forms of entertainment. Here's a brief overview about the different operating system from old to new and it's important functions.

Ever wondered what is an operating system in a computer? An operating system or OS as it is popularly called is a software that manages personal computer, internet servers, cell phones, music players, routers, wireless access points, network storage, digital cameras' resources that provides an interface to the users so that the users could access and utilized those resources. Operating systems manages files, controls memory, allocates memory, controls input and output devices and manages computer networking. A computer will not function without an operating system and these are some of the popular desktop operating systems are Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Solaris. For some they would prefer to use Linux for the server environments while Windows is preferred by most when it comes to their desktops. Those operating systems mentioned above were based or inspired from the UNIX operating system which was developed at Bell Labs in 1960s except for Microsoft Windows.

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